What is a Royal Match in Blackjack?

A royal match is an optional side bet players can take during a blackjack game. It is separate from betting whether a player will get closer to the 21-count than the dealer. That is a straight win or lose bet. The royal match does not feature in such wagers.

Here is a closer look at a blackjack royal match and what you need to know about winning this bet type:

A royal match explained

Whether you play online blackjack or in-person, a dealer hands you two cards to start. Based on these cards’ value, players decide whether to hold or ask for another card. The risk with this approach is that the total might exceed 21 after a third card is dealt, leading to a bust.

A royal match depends entirely on the first two cards handed to a player. To win a royal match bet, those two cards must be a king and queen from the same suite of cards: spades, clubs, diamonds, or hearts. The odds of this happening are pretty rare, making it a lucrative bet if you are lucky enough to win it.

Royal match rules

A royal match bet is an optional side wager for players before any cards are dealt. Once those two cards are dealt, the bet is finalized, with the player either winning or losing.

If you are familiar with winning money through sports betting, you know that sometimes the greatest earnings come from betting on a game with higher odds. The same applies to a royal match bet. It is less likely to occur than a regular blackjack win. However, if it does, the payout can be quite substantial at a margin of 25:1.

What happens if you lose?

As mentioned before, a royal match bet is finalized immediately after a player receives their first two cards. If they do not win their royal match wager, they lose what was bet on it and proceed with the blackjack game as they typically would.

If a player wins their royal match bet, his money is paid out immediately. After that, the blackjack game continues.

Is a royal match bet worth it?

You have to speculate to accumulate, according to seasoned gamblers and investors. Given how much money a player could potentially win and whether they want to get lucky in life, a blackjack side bet with such a high payout rate might be worthwhile.

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