Here are the easiest sports to bet and make money on

Sports betting is a gamble. The odds of winning on a particular bet depend on the likelihood that a team will win, and how much money is at stake.

Of course, it also depends on the risk tolerance of the bettor. Those who are willing to invest more money in higher stakes bets have an easier time profiting from sports betting, but it can be difficult for those with limited funds to make any money at all.

Here are the easiest sports to bet on and make money on:

  1. Football

Football is the easiest sport to bet on and make money. The odds of winning a football game are usually very close, meaning that there’s not much room for error in an individual bettor’s ability to pick winners correctly.

This also means that relatively small amounts can be wagered successfully with larger payouts, or even free bets.

  1. Baseball

3 to 1 odds on baseball literally means that you would have a one in three chance of winning $100 per bet if the proposition is won by your team.

This might seem like good value when compared with something as low as 2-1, but it’s not when compared to the astronomical odds of something like a 5-1 football bet or hockey at 4-1.

  1. Big Events

It is incredibly easy to make money on big events. The Olympics, World Cup and the Super Bowl are all examples of sports that offer great odds for those who believe their team will win at a high rate. This allows them to place very large bets with small payouts while still profiting from losing bets.

  1. Sports with Wide Open Lines and No Favorites

Basketball, hockey and baseball are all good examples of sports with wide open lines. They have a lot more parity than football or soccer games tend to have, which makes it harder for bettors to make money on the spreads because upsets occur much less frequently.

  1. Sports with High Profit Margins for Betting Sites

It’s important to remember that the bookmaking company will always profit, even in a situation where they are at risk of losing. That means not only should you look for high odds and low likelihoods when attempting to make money on sports bets but also consider whether or not it is possible for your selected betting website to make a profit even if you lose your bet.

The sports with the highest margins for betting sites are often those where there is little to no chance of an upset and that have very large payouts available at higher odds than usual, such as in horse racing or online poker tournaments.

The Best Sports to Bet On and Make Money in 2022

It is always important to remember that making money on sports bets in the long term isn’t guaranteed. There are many factors involved, and this guide just touches upon some of them: risks vs rewards, odds/margins and bet limits all make a big difference when trying to maximise your profit potential while also minimising your risk.

The best sports to bet on and make money in can change frequently. Some might be good one year, while others will drop off the radar due to several factors that are hard for average gamblers like you or I know about ahead of time: new coaches; key injuries leading up the playoffs; suspensions, etc.

We hope you’ll use this guide to help make the most of your sports betting in 2022 and beyond.

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