Types of Bets offered by Sport 

After a thorough search, you have finally met your match: a Malaysia sportsbook that meets your betting needs. While you are not yet over the excitement, there are a few fundamentals that you need to learn. One of them is understanding the different kinds of bets that are in the offering. These are the common bets that you will come across platforms like bodog.

  1. Over / under bets

This is one of the simplest bets that you can come across in all the sportsbooks available. It operates more like the point spread, with a -110 line. However, it is not limited to that. There are also other lines that you will come across. With this, you usually bet on the combined score in the game. The bet is also known as the totals. If a player bets over, then the teams are expected to get scores higher than the listed ones jointly. For under, on the other hand, the combined scores are expected to be fewer points than the totals.

  1. Moneyline wagers

This betting is also straightforward. This can be owed to the fact that it is more straightforward than the bets that dwell on the spread. For this bet to be profitable, you must be outstanding in making predictions of outright wins. While it may be straightforward, there is usually the problem with the odds. Big teams usually have low odds. For that reason, you are forced to wager on a lot of money to make a profitable and meaningful win.

  1. Proposition Betting

How does this work? This kind of bet is perfect if you want to have fun. It is really exciting. There are usually tons of goofy bets. It goes all the way from doing the coin toss to hitting half-court shots on basketball.

  1. Futures Betting

This too is an exciting betting. And as the name suggests, you are required to wager on a future sports outcome. It is as straightforward as that. For instance, you will predict which team will win the league, how many games a specific team will win in a season and so on. It is usually a long-term investment by itself.

  1. Parlays

This is one of the most complicated types of betting. Why? Well, winning on this is usually a sport. However. It does not mean it is impossible. More so, the fact that it is challenging makes it even more fun. As much as you might sweat to win, the results are usually very profitable. In parlay wagering, you are supposed to win several bets for you to cash out. The more the teams or games you include in the bet, the bigger the win.