Sports News in Thailand About Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a physical sport from Thailand that has produced many formidable fighters all over the world. Many Muay Thai fighters undergo intensive training to achieve not only a peak physical condition but gaining strategic skills as well.

Muay Thai as a martial art is a very dangerous albeit useful sport. For Muay Thai enthusiasts, the sport is excellent for self-defence as it is all about dynamic movements that feature powerful strikes that target the weak points in an opponent’s body like the throat and knees.

For professional fighters, Muay Thai is more than a sport or fitness activity, it is a lifestyle that encompasses all aspects of their daily life. Here are some of ข่าววันนี้ and events about Muay Thai.

Yokkao Return to Action

On August 8, Yokkao returned to operation in Bolton, England, for their first outing ever since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The show has garnered a plethora of the excellent talents from Britain and also a few talents from all of the European countries to join the two shows. The line-up is promising and consists of hopefuls like Chris Shaw, Josh Hill, Adam Haslam, Tyree Stevens, Francisco Valderrama, Lee Williams and Brian Totty.

Prajanchai Wins Against Sam-A

The indomitable Prajanchai won the ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Title on ONE: BATTLEGROUND by ONE Championship. The match was held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium on July 30. The event also showcased five thrilling mixed martial arts competitions and the main event is the match for the ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Title.

In the much-awaited main event, Thai prodigy Prajanchai PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym snatched the ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World title from the legendary Sam-A Gaiyanghadaoto.

Smith Versus Mann

On August 7th, one of the exciting events in Muay Thai occurred in the Australian city of Perth. The main event showcased the return of Toby Smith and his match against Scotland’s recently-crowned WBC MuayThai light-heavyweight World Champion, George Mann.

The event also featured three WBC MuayThai title matches. Cian Lougheed, fighting from The Pit gym, will face Zac Einersen for the unfulfilled WBC MuayThai lightweight title, recently deserted by Max McVicker, who has recently promoted to campaign at welterweight.

The Legendary Julio Lobo

Legendary Brazilian Muay Thai fighter Julio Lobo beat the odds as he became the first Brazilian and the only fighter from the Americas to win the prestigious Omnoi Stadium strap.

Lobo represented PhuketFightClub and he defeated the Stadium Champion, Rambo PetPorTorOr. The adaptable Lobo was trained by Leo Elias and the duo prepared for 72 hours before the match. The result was an excellent match with Lobo reigning as an indomitable fighter.

The MuayThai World Cup Can Now Be Watched on Drive-In

The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged most of the territories across the world and that included Southeast Asia. Many sporting events were cancelled due to the mandatory lockdowns that prevented people from enjoying the outdoor events that people are mostly accustomed to. As we move towards a new era of living, there are certain changes that we have to face.

The pandemic, however, did not stop the innovation of the MuayThai team as they are now featuring drive-in events. Spectators can now watch their favorite matches in the comfort of their cars where they can sit, eat some popcorn and watch live MuayThai battles.

The show will feature regional fighters to present their fighting skills on the ground. The team behind MuayThai World Cup brings an innovative event that can accommodate fans to watch live shows and sports news but at the same time prevent the effects of pandemic.

Muay Thai is a traditional sport from Thailand and many people are enjoying its benefits in the health, fitness and mental state. Truly, the Thais have invented a sport that is versatile and powerful that anyone can harness.

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