Different Types of Poker Games

Poker is a very popular game and there are many physical and online casinos where people can play the game. Slot viking online is one such casino where people can navigate to play the game. There are many variants of poker games, which beginners and experienced people can play. All the games have different rules and people need to be familiar with those rules to win the game. These are card games and the main aim of the players is to make the best hand. The rank of the hand can be either high or low as the winner depends upon the rank of the hands. In some games, hands of high ranks are preferred while in others hands of low rank decide the winner. This article discusses the various types of poker games.

Texas Hold’em

This is a very popular game, which many people can play. Texas Hold’em also has sub-variants and there are very slight differences in the rules due to which these sub-variants are created. There are four betting rounds in the game and the player having the hand of the highest rank is declared as the winner. The game starts with the placement of blinds and the player deals two-hole cards. While the game progresses, players get five community cards and they have to use only five cards to make the hand.

Omaha Hi

This is the second popular game after Texas Hold’em. There is much difference between both games. The only variance is the number of hole cards. In Omaha Hi, each player gets four-hole cards and they have to discard two of them while retaining the other two to make the hands. People get five community cards as the game progresses. In this game, the player having the hand of the highest rank is declared as the winner.

Seven Card Stud

This is a popular but slow game and there are five betting rounds in this game. In this game, each player has to place an ante to make the pot and the bets are placed according to the size of the pot. First people get two faces down and one face-up card. While the game progresses, people get three faces up cards and in the last round, they get one face down card. The player having the hand of the highest rank is revealed as the winner. There is one more variant of this game called Razz. The rules of the game are the same but, in this game, the player having the hand of lowest hand is declared as the winner.

2-7 Triple Draw

This is a type of game in which players have to make the hand of the highest rank becomes the winner. This is a draw game in which players have the option to discard some or all of their cards and draw a new one. Drawing is allowed in all the rounds but not after the last round.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the variants of poker which players can play in slot Viking online or other online casinos. There are many chances of winning the gams provided that people make good strategies and are also familiar with the rules.

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